You’ll Feel the Waterstone Difference with The Seven Waterstone Elements

Our homes feature a masterful combination of environmentally conscious elements, intelligent structural details, and stylish design selections.


Natural Lighting

Natural light is one of the most important components to a great home experience. Other homebuilders remove windows to save money. We don’t. Instead, we design each floorplan to showcase generous amounts of natural light sources.


Environmentally Inspired Finishes

Natural elements bring an unparalleled level of warmth and comfort into a home. All Waterstone City Homes feature a variety of exquisite natural finishes including quartz, marble, real hardwoods, and granite.


Premium Fixtures

Fixtures are the details that make a home feel complete and special.

From chandeliers to showerheads, we take care to personally select quality fixtures that perform as beautifully as they look. After all, true artistry involves both form and function. Your home deserves nothing less.


Deep Foundations

All structures that stand the test of time are built on a strong base.

Our homes features foundations specifically engineered for the Florida environment. In areas prone to floods and storms, a building is more likely to remain structurally sound where the water moves around the structure rather than penetrating it, so we begin our homes with that in mind.


Inspired Design

They say that good design is all about the details, and we agree.

Every element in a Waterstone City home has been thoughtfully considered by our design team. Any item you can think of – from crown molding down to flooring – has a story. Even the smallest details are opportunities for significant design selections.


State-of-the-Art Technologies

It’s important to stay current. New technologies create efficiencies and involve less drag on the environment.

We use the latest and best technologies to make our homes easy and inviting for every day living. All of our homes are pre-wired for the latest in smart home technology for total home automation.


Responsible and Sustainable

Responsible homebuilding means thinking about how you live your life today as well as the kind of world we’re creating for the future.

We are thoughtful about the environment and try to have as minimal impact as possible. We use energy efficient appliances, sustainable materials, and green technologies wherever possible.

Our Approach

With the outdated pricing models most other builders use, here’s what happens. A client will fall in love with a floorplan, sign on to buy, and then go on to make design selections for their new home.

When the budget for all their selections comes back from the contractor, the price is more than expected – sometimes significantly.

The client is left with three unfortunate choices – they can remove some of the items they’d set their hopes on, they can try to bring more money for their down payment, or they can walk away from the deal altogether.

This is frustrating and ultimately a waste of time and money for the client.

By employing a cost model, Waterstone eliminates this possibility and any unpleasant surprises.

In line with being deliberately transparent, we start with a range of costs per square foot based on a level of finish.

You can select between our custom select, custom premier, and custom artisan models and feel confident in customizing your home to fit your needs. You’ll get all the features you want and still stay at the price point you’ve planned for.

Our Process

We designed our entire process to be different from what you may have experienced in the past.

You see, homes don’t consistently come in over budget and behind schedule because of one big issue. In the standard custom home buying process, there are over a hundred decision points that affect cost and timing, and buyers are encouraged to spend just a little more at each one.

But the cumulative effect of those decisions don’t come out until the end…

And that’s when the homebuyer-to-be is unhappily surprised to find they’re 15% over budget and 2 months behind schedule.

This is a systemic problem in the home building process. We’ve decided to turn this process upside down.

And as it turns out, it’s a simple fix. Transparency, communication, and real collaboration are all it takes to create a much better process for our clients. We offer selections and building methods with your best interests in mind – and that includes your budget and timeline, too.

When you build with Waterstone, you’ll know where you stand every step of the way.

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