How to Create the Ultimate Home Office: 7 Ideas to Get Started

As we look ahead to post-pandemic life, companies are in the midst of creating plans for the future of their businesses. And, the topic of remote work is at the forefront.

In fact, according to a Gartner survey of company leaders, 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic and 47% will allow employees to work from home full-time.

For these reasons alone, the need for a home office that pairs form and function is growing increasingly important.

In this blog post, we’re sharing seven must-haves to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in.

1. Natural light

Whether it’s a dose of vitamin D, a mood boost, or improved sleep, there are many health benefits associated with natural light. That’s why, whenever possible, make sure your office space has ample sources of natural light from windows or skylights.

When arranging your office, keep natural light in front of or next to your work surface. Doing so will avoid having a glare on your monitor and shadows during video calls.

2. Smart storage solutions

From books and awards to paperwork and collectibles and everything in between, smart storage solutions are a must in any home office.

And, not just for aesthetics, but organization as well. That’s because a cluttered workspace can create a cluttered mind.

In fact, a study that was conducted on the effects of clutter in a home found that people who felt overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” in their homes were more likely to procrastinate.

That’s why storage solutions that keep clutter at bay and your important paperwork and other items organized and within arm’s reach is a must.

Built-in shelving units, for example, are an excellent option to store essentials and display your prized possessions in a unique and sophisticated manner. Not to mention, built-ins make use of what would otherwise be an empty space to add depth and dimension to your home office.

3. Choose the right color

Did you know some colors are said to have positive psychological benefits?

For instance, blue is known to be a cool and calming color while yellow creates a sense of happiness and optimism. White represents a cool and refreshing cleanliness and black is said to evoke a sense of elegance and power.

No matter the benefits or the feelings it evokes, when choosing a paint color, pick one that complements your personality and works well with your design style in mind.

4. Location matters

As a Tampa custom home builder that prides itself on being boldly collaborative, our team of experts work with our clients to create the best solutions and outcome for their homes.

When designing your dream home, we’ll take into account the form and functionality of your home office and create a space that’ll give you the peace and quiet needed for maximum productivity.

5. Add personal touches

Just because your home office is meant for work doesn’t mean the design style has to mimic that of a cubicle.

Whether it’s a souvenir from your world travels or a beautiful piece of art, get creative and infuse design elements into your workspace that bring out your personality.

6. Build a creative space

A home office can be more than just a place for work. It can be a creative space where you go to take a break, ideate, or gain inspiration.

Consider adding a comfortable couch or arm chair to create a sitting area where you can go for a change of scenery throughout the work day.

7. Choose ergonomic furniture

It’s reported that the average office worker sits 15 hours a day.

That’s why, beyond the look and feel, choosing ergonomic furniture for your home office is a must!

Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right office chair:

  • Adjustable height
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests

To build on this, when choosing a desk, consider an adjustable standing desk that can be modified to your liking.

Furthermore, there are other choices you can make to create an ergonomically-sound workspace such as positioning your monitor an arm’s length away and at eye level and keeping the keyboard and mouse close to prevent reaching which puts strain on your arms and shoulders.

Waterstone – Different by Design

The home office in our Hyde Park complete renovation project is the perfect example of how the elements we covered in this blog post come together to create a space that balances form and function. Take a look!

If you’re interested  in learning more about the custom home building process in the Tampa Bay area, contact our team at Waterstone City Homes today.


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